Benefits of Mepilex with Safetac technology

The complete wound care solution from pediatric to elderly care.

Benefits of Mepilex with Safetac technology – the preferred choice for patients and the appropriate choice for professionals.

Benefits of Mepilex with Safetac technology:

Less pain, more comfort

  • The Safetac Technology soft silicone layer does not stick to the wound on removal, less pain to the patient.
  • Soft, comfortable Mepilex dressings feel better for the patient and are easy to use, even on difficult dress wounds.

Less trauma

  • No skin stripping, does not remove epithelial cells.
  • No wound bed adherence, does not damage  the delicate newly formed granulation tissue.

Unique sealing action

  • Safetac soft silicone adhesive seals the wound margins, protecting against exudate leakage and maceration.
  • Seals completely and instantly, easy to apply and re-apply if needed.
  • Supports optimal moist wound healing conditions.

Cost effective

  • Reduced risk of maceration – less need for dressing changes.
  • Easy to reposition= no wasted dressings.
  • Fewer complications regarding trauma and pain results in an optimised healing process.


Benefits of Mepilex

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