Mesoft Nonwoven Swabs Unsterile 40g

Mesoft nonwoven swabs and sponges are cost effective alternatives to traditional cotton gauze and can be used for absorption, wound cleansing, protection, desinfection or padding. The main features are superior absorption capacity, softness and low fibre release.

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Main benefits of Mesoft

  • High absorption. Compared to gauze, Mesoft absorbs at least 50% more liquid or wound fluid
  • Soft material that makes Mesoft very gentle to the skin
  • Significantly lower fibre release than traditional gauze
  • A fibre structure that gives excellent cleansing performance
  • Mesoft swabs and sponges retain their shape when wet

Mesoft Nonwoven swabs and sponges

Areas of use

Mesoft swabs and sponges have a wide range of applications. They may be used for absorption, wound cleansing, protection, disinfection and padding.

How to apply

Apply the Mesoft swabs directly on to the wound or use them for wound cleansing.
Grip the sponges with a forceps for wound cleansing or disinfection.


Mesoft Nonwoven Swabs and Sponges


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